Our Approach

We serve as a brand-building and product expert liaison between suppliers and those who sell or serve goods and foods. Customer service, product expertise and executional excellence are the hallmarks of our enduring success. By closely monitoring evolving market trends, we understand the unique needs of our customers and consumers.

Applying deep knowledge and experience in handling the retail and commercial sectors`unique needs, we implement and integrate specialised, advanced solutions to any functionality challenge.​ Our mission is to be the leading food and good distributor and specialist service provider for our vendors and customers by providing innovative and value-added solutions delivered to the highest standard.

Wholesale Trade

Wholesalers and distributors in Ethiopia are businesses that have a business to business model and act as intermediaries between manufacturers and retailers. As these businesses offer convenience and eliminate the need to deal with multiple suppliers, they are popular among retailers. Depending on the products distributed, businesses may be in a growth or mature life-cycle stage.

The industry faces light regulation and is easy to enter. Competitive pricing, product selection, and service excellence are key success factors in this industry. Catalysts for this industry depend on specific sub-industries that the distributors compete in. Overall, the industry flourishes in an environment of high consumer confidence and discretionary spending which generates higher top line and profits.

Local Supply

As industries increase in globalisation, establishing trading relationships with suppliers further and further afield, there is a concurrent and rather ironic push for consumers to support local entities and ‘shop small’. WIB Local-supply is that sourcing products locally increases the likelihood that products are hand-made with attention to detail, impeccable quality and unique design features.

Local products may also be cheaper with the lack of ‘middlemen’ or transport involved in the production process. However, the decision between sourcing locally or internationally is not clear cut. Let us take a look at some considerations when choosing your supplier.