Why You Choose Us

WIB Transport Sector is made up of two bulk divisions: Liquid and Dry Bulk, hauling various commodities across Ethiopia’s highways. The Liquid division includes commodities such as oil, gas and lubricants. The Dry Bulk division includes such varied products as cement, lime, and sand, as well as food-grade products like flour and malt.

Equally important to Customer Satisfaction and employee engagement is Driver Satisfaction. We continually strive to ensure that the relationship between the driver and the company is mutually beneficial and satisfying. Our Recruiting and retention program has us seeking the best drivers and doing everything possible to meet their needs.

Types Of WIB Transport Operation Services

Fuel Transport Service

Our aim is to encompass every aspect of our customers’ fuel haulage supply within a competitive market, with a customer focused company ethos. Through sustaining a reputation for prompt deliveries and excellent customer care we have attracted both contracted and spot hire haulage work.

By striving to improve upon high standards from the outset we hope to reinforce our position as the haulier of choice for fuel supply businesses throughout the country. Our expanding fleet of lorries of varying capacity allow for deliveries of all sizes – from small delivery quantities in difficult to reach locations, to larger deliveries to forecourts and depots.

Dry Cargo Transport Service

Whatever freight your company needs to haul, WIB Dry Cargo Transport Services has you covered.  Our flexibility matched with a customer service team who does whatever is needed to get the job done means you can rely on WIB dry cargo Transport to get your load where it needs to go when it needs to be there. All of our dry cargo transport services are completed with our recently upgraded fleet of trucks, giving you the added peace-of-mind that our drivers will be there when you need us. We’ll work with you to deliver just about any type of goods you have and get them where they need to be on time.