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Mining Granite

Granite is very similar to marble and is the most durable stone among natural stones. In the initial level, granite was used to make the monuments, but due to the versatility of this product it is being used in business houses and even in homes as well. Granite is the toughest material and thus is bit expensive to but this stone is a real value for money. This stone is not only used for floorings but is also used for wall tiles as well as for kitchen slabs.

There are many forms in which this stone is available in the market such as tiles, rough blocks, slabs. The basic color in which this stone is available with us are grey, green, red and black. In terms of durability and toughness, granite takes over marble. Less maintenance is required in granite due to its dark color.

Mining Marble

Marble comes in many colors, but the most preferred is white as this gives a very rich and sober look. Marble Tiles comes in many shapes and sizes like the huge blocks, after that their finishing is done and a proper shape and size is given to them. Marble stone has a wide acceptability and is widely preferred due to its softness and rich look.


Marbles are available in big blocks as well as in tile size. Since it is very difficult to maintain the larger blocks and these are expensive too, it is better to opt for small size ones. The Marble Stone is one of the most durable stone to be used as a sculpture or in building construction. The marble do differ in their looks as there are marbles which are dull and are less costly and some are too shiny. One needs to have the basic idea while purchasing the same.

WIB's Mining

Since we keep on participating in major mining exports all across the World, we are well-equipped with the latest trends of the relevant industry. We get an opportunity to study the ever changing demands of the buyers & strive to offer them necessary materials that too at competitive prices.

We believe in running our business by complying with business ethics & we take care of our relations, which we develop with our valued customers in an utmost manner. We also lay down a strong emphasis on developing deeper bond with all our customers by delivering them quality-oriented products at competitive prices on proper time.