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Wereta International Business PLC  is operating leading industrial distributor. We have been serving businesses and industries in Ethiopia. Our industrial experience and knowledge answers your questions and provides solutions for your industrial needs. We provide our customers with unbeatable service, while providing top quality products at competitive prices.

We work alongside our customers, big and small, to make sure their unique needs are met. Our experience helps us contribute to each customer’s success. By working right alongside our customers, WIB provides that extra personal experience and expertise that sets us apart from our competitors.

Construction Materials

Modern industrial engineers typically use predetermined motion time system, computer simulation, along with extensive mathematical tools for modeling, such as mathematical optimization and queueing theory, and computational methods for system analysis, evaluation, and optimization.

Depending on the sub-specialties involved, industrial engineering may also be known as, or overlap with, operations research, systems engineering, manufacturing engineering, production engineering, management science, management engineering, ergonomics or human factors engineering, safety engineering, or others, depending on the viewpoint or motives of the user. Industrial engineers also use the tools of data science and machine learning in their work owing to the strong relatedness of these disciplines with the field and the similar technical background required of industrial engineers.


We will find out your needs, whether it be a performance tyre, a quiet comfortable tyre or a tyre on low budget. Different tyres produce different responses on the road, so it’s important that you choose the right one for you and your budget. Our staff knows tyre products well, owing to their many years of experience. This means we can help you make a well informed decision.

At WIB Tyre Import, we care about your safety, we care about your budget and we care about your car. You can come to us for tyre services, such as wheel alignment and tyre changing. Rest assured that capable professionals use modern equipment to perform all of our work to ensure quality results.