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At Volvo Construction Equipment we are driven by the idea that through imagination, hard work and technological innovation we will lead the way towards developing a world that is cleaner, smarter, and more connected.

We believe in a sustainable future. And with the global construction industry as our arena, we work together with our customers to turn this belief into reality for people everywhere.

Innovation is at the core of Volvo Construction Equipment. It's our company mindset and our way of working. With over 180 years of construction and innovation expertise, Volvo CE is at the forefront of technological development. For us, the latest technology is not just nice to have, it's essential to stay competitive and secure long-term profitable growth.

Volvo Crawler Excavator

Our crawler excavator is the ultimate digging tool, designed to deliver long lasting performance, strength, power and leading fuel efficiency. Reach new levels of efficiency, as you can depend on the machine for quarrying, mining, road building, civil engineering, general construction and more. Choose your bucket or a range of other Volvo attachments and go to work. All machine interfaces are ergonomically positioned and designed for optimum control and efficiency.

The Volvo EC220D crawler excavator boasts a 10% improvement in fuel
efficiency compared to the previous model. With Volvo’s unique ECO mode, a new hydraulic system and a premium Volvo D6 diesel engine, you’ll soon start to reap the benefits of reduced operational costs. Maximize your fuel efficiency with Volvo.

Volvo Wheeled Excavator

Introducing the EW205D wheeled excavator from Volvo – designed to drive your efficiency up. With advanced technology including Volvo’s unique ECO mode and a powerful Volvo engine, this superior digging and mobile tool carrying machine works with ultimate efficiency both off and on-road.

The Boom Suspension System improves operator comfort and allows for faster travel over bumpy roads or rough terrain. Depending on your market and application, make your wheeled excavator perfect for your jobsite with a range of flexible configurations.  Volvo’s unique ECO mode improves fuel efficiency without any loss of performance in most operating conditions. Introducing the EW205D from Volvo – a new 20 ton wheeled excavator designed to drive your efficiency up. With advanced technology including Volvo’s unique ECO mode and a powerful Volvo engine, this superior digging and mobile tool carrying machine works with ultimate efficiency both off and on-road.

Volvo Pipe Layer

We give oil and gas pipeline contractors a new lift with a revolutionary line of excavator-based pipe layers. From pipe yard to trench, our pipe layers deliver a competitive edge in even the most demanding conditions - not only in the oil and gas industry. Key innovations for the range of Volvo pipe layers include a 360° swing capability from an excavator-based design, delivering greater maneuverability and infinite pipe placement possibilities. These machines also offer enhanced versatility, with the option of being conveniently converted from a pipe layer to an excavator.

When you choose a Volvo you not only get a world-class pipe layer. You also get full support from us. Our well-trained dealers are at your service all over the world and you can choose from a range of additional services, specifically designed for our machines, allowing you to further increase your profitability.

Volvo Rigid Hauler

Designed to reduce fuel consumption and optimize machine availability. Engineered to move material faster and more efficiently. Protect you and your crew thanks to a full spectrum of safety systems. When you choose a Volvo you not only get a world-class rigid hauler.

Make Volvo rigid haulers your ultimate productivity partner. Designed and built to deliver outstanding performance, efficiency, reliability and safety, with Volvo rigid haulers you can move more for less. With a winning combination of power, comfort and productivity-enhancing systems, drive your profits up with Volvo rigid haulers.

Volvo Show Wheeled Paver

The  four-wheeled wheeled paver is perfect for smaller paving widths and uses its large rear wheels to deliver the majority of power. The front wheels provide additional drive assistance and steering. Whatever the operating conditions this machine delivers ultimate tractive force for smooth, even results. The Volvo wheeled paver is built for performance and precision on any paving project. Volvo gives you excellent traction control, whatever the paving conditions, ensuring consistent, smooth results.

Volvo screeds are designed to give you the best paving quality, uniformity and smoothness. Volvo industry-leading, extendable screeds can handle a wide range of materials and deliver a high degree of pre-compaction, resulting in a reduced amount of rolling work.


Partner Services

To ensure your business runs smoothly, Volvo invests in the intelligent engineering of all our machines – but we don't stop there. As your partner, we support what you do with the equipment – how you use it, maintain it, pay for it and even how you sell it. Our portfolio of products and services is designed to complement your machine's performance and boost your profitability. Get started with Volvo Services and customize a Volvo Services Agreement – because your business is our business.

SDLG Grader

SDLG Grader is, High-speed high-efficiency, high-precision and multi-purpose product on the bases of absorbing the advanced technology from Europe and the United States. It can achieve surface leveling and trenching, scraping, bulldozing, snow removal, loosening, compaction, spreading, mixing, maintenance work on dirt road, gravel road etc., and is especially suitable for construction conditions such as airport ,defense engineering, road construction, water conservancy, farmland improvement, mining and large infrastructure leveling.

Electrically controlled variable power DEUTZ engine is used and has three power curves in perfect match with advance transmission case, which makes it available to select applicable power mode based on load to realize an option performance and fuel efficiency and high efficiency and energy saving functions.

SDLG Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader, SDLG backhoe loaders are adopted Volvo’s technical to design. Beautiful and European style. There are two types available, H-type (B877 Backhoe loader) and, Frog-type (B876 Backhoe loader). SDLG backhoe loader is a small multi-function engineering machine newly designed with high cost performance and is widely applied in various building construction engineering, such as road construction and caring, cable laying, electricity and airport engineering, municipal construction and quarrying work, in city and countryside.

  • Load-sensing full hydraulic steering system is used, with light and quick steering and stable and reliable performance and is stable to operate; hydraulic system with confluent.
  • Reinforced excavating movable arm and bucket rod are used, with high reliability; Movable arm swing has damping buffer, which can ensure a stable and successful operation.

SDLG Vibratory Soil Compactor /roller/

Road Roller is a kind of heavy vibratory road roller with high vibrating force and high static pressure and is suitable to grind un-sticky material, such as gravel, dirty. The machine is mainly used in high way, mine, dam, airport, port, railway and etc.

Weichai engine has strong power, high torque and low noise. Disc braking system has simple structure while is easy to control and reliable. Cross-axis hinge, joint bearings with reliable performance. Vibrating pumps, motors and pipelines are imported from America, which insures the high performance of the hydraulic system.

SDLG mechanical single drum vibratory road roller is a heavy-duty auto-propelled vibratory road roller and can effectively compact various soil layer and rock fill. This machine is of industrial leading level in compacting, driving and operating performances and reliability, repair and maintenance. It is ideal compacting equipment for road, airport, harbor, railway, embankment, dam and industrial site.


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